Oct 11, 2013

Baby-Fiona Month Stickers

I mentioned that I'd made month stickers for Fiona. I finished months 1-8 yesterday before going to take her photos for month 1. Today, after preparing for Primary sharing time this Sunday, I finished up months 9-12.

I started collecting digital scrapbook papers, elements, etc. about five years ago. I have the most wonderful

never-gets-used-up-stash EVER!

I'm still amazed at the generosity of so many talented designers. Almost all of my digital papers were FREE or at a very low cost.

I incorporate polka-dots into each design and each month corresponds with the holiday of that month (ie-Fiona will be three months old in December- so red and green). I am so pleased with the results!

I made a layer template (thank you Jessica Sprague for all of the wonderful classes I took with you! I learned SO MUCH!!)

If anyone is interested I will share my template with them. Sadly I don't feel that I can share the finished stickers since I drew from so many people's digital work.

The nice thing about the digital template is that you just open it in PhotoShop then drag your digital papers above the mask and *clip* the paper to the mask.

** AND I believe in giving credit, where credit is due...

1-  Shabby Princess French Countryside FrenchCountryside_SP_paper (1).jpg & FrenchCountryside_SP_paper (6).jpg

2-  Misty Mareda @ Little Dreamer Designs mmareda_paper5.jpg, Shabby Princess FrenchCountryside_CR_paper (3).jpg

3-  Designer Digitals Jen Adams Donnelly Giving Thanks- JAD_20061112_AdChallenge_Grateful.jpg & JAD_20061112_AdChallenge_Thankful.jpg

4-  Sweet Shoppe Designs Carnival dmogstad-carnival-paper.jpg, Dirty Feet Designs aka Heather Benson (the best I could find here was a Facebook page that MIGHT be this designer) dfd-dotsgrunge-p8.jpg

5-  Shabby Princess SP_SeasonalSampler_Amore_Paper_Hearts.jpg, & SP_SeasonalSampler_Amore_Paper_Stripes.jpg

6-  Designer Digitals Jackie Eckles Breathe Nature: JHE_BreatheNature_Paper6.jpg & JHE_BreatheNature_Paper7.jpg

7- Designer Digitals Dana Zarling dz-adchall-5-4-paper2.jpg, Shabby Princess SP_RummageChic_Paper_Plaid.jpg

8-  Shabby Princess SP_OliviaCollection_Paper_VanillaFloral.jpg, Designer Digitals Jackie Eckles Breathe Nature JHE_BreatheNature_Paper7.jpg

9- Shabby Princess SP_SpringBreeze_Paper_BigCircles.jpg & SP_SpringBreeze_Paper_Stripes.jpg

10- ScrapArtist Mystery Scrap Challenge (this is what I have for the TOU but couldn't find a website) SA_muse_gmiller-acidrainbow-paper.jpg, Shabby Princess ShabbyP_Celebrate_StripedPaper.jpg

11-  Sweet Shoppe Designs Carnival: hroselli-carnival-paper-dots.jpg & aslagle-carnival-paper.jpg

12-  Jessica Sprague Type+Writer online class kit: NotebookCoordinates-1.jpg, & KHMize-PacificPoint-Stripes.jpg

(Whew, do you have any idea how long it takes to note each of these? But not nearly as long as it took these wonderful individuals to create them!)

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