Nov 11, 2013

Big Girl

One of the perks of having Fiona near by is that I get to see her frequently! That makes a Grammie happy! Miss Fi turned 2 months lasterday; which means it was time to do a photo shoot. I'm grateful to be her personal photographer!

Camille and Fiona came over after church so I could take her photos. Even though I see her frequently I'm always amazed at how much she's grown.

Fiona had her 2 month check-up today. She's gained 3 pounds 11.5 ounces and grown 3 inches!

After photos we three girls went out and did some wonderful deck sitting in the mild November sunshine. Oh, I do love these warm November days! Every on is a gift!

Oh... and just for good measure- a photo of Miss Fiona and her Grammie last Friday.

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NanaSue said...

Cute Baby, Cute Grammie!