Nov 18, 2013

THIS- This is What I'm Thankful For...

Our family tradition is to have our Thanksgiving Feast on the 3rd Sunday in November. This year it makes our Thanksgiving *very* early... but there was no complaining! In fact, there were groans of stuffed-satisfaction and compliments on this feast.

For me these types about of holidays are ALL ABOUT FAMILY! I would rather have all of my local family on ANY DAY rather than half of them or families that are stressed out about seeing everyone and eating numerous Thanksgiving dinners on the same day.

Camille and family came down early to help make our signature Orange Rolls! Oh my! These are so yummy- and my family has grown up eating them.

I told Camille, "Don't let me forget to get a family photo before everyone leaves!!

The only sad part about this photo is that some of our family is too far away to join us... maybe someday.

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