Jan 1, 2014

My Darling Niece

My darling niece is a writer AND she is going to be published! As part of that process she needed a bio photo for her book. She asked if I would be willing to be her photographer. Sure thing!

She was traveling home today after spending the holidays with her folks so we set up a photo shoot right here in my little corner of paradise. (I'm so glad the Eves share their beautiful pond- all the way from the Philippines! Although their nephew looked a little confused today!)

As I was clicking photos I was impressed, again, with family!


Many times I have this experience as I look through the viewfinder! I'm taking Sarah's photo, but who I see in those eyes, cheeks or smile is my Mama! (or my Daddy) It is déjà vu!

[isn't she the cutest?]

The first time I experienced it was almost 16 years ago when my niece Cindy got married. There she was, at Grammy's temple, looking like her Grammy AND with her Grammy's wedding rings.

I'm so grateful for the eternal nature of the family. That these wonderful people who are my family will continue to be MY FAMILY!

I've missed posting to my blog on a daily basis! I love having this very real and pertinent record of what I do and see. So project twenty-fourteen is under way. It is for me and if you folks like to read over my shoulder you are certainly welcome to.

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Our Family said...

That is my exact wedding dress!