Jan 10, 2014

Polkie-Dotties Make Me Happy!

I love all things polkie-dotties and I can't believe that I DON'T have a label for that until today!

I've been wanting to try this pattern of polkie-dots for almost a year. So today I did! I've enjoy using CND Shellac* so much. My manicures last about 10 days so I always can try something new.

As I was painting my nails (which isn't a fast project for me) I remembered that, lo, many months ago, I told Debra Munn that we needed to do her toe-sies before Morgan and Macey were born (guess we missed that window of opportunity). So after some errands I packed up my little rolly-rolly cart and went down the street to spread the polkie-dottie cheer. (Can I just say I love going down to visit with them?)

Since I'd just pinned some new ideas on Pinterest Deb choose one of them and I got to try out another fun design.

And Mama Crook DEFINITELY needed happy polkie-dottie nails to pull her out of her funk!

It's amazing what a new coat of paint will do for your spirits!

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