Jan 11, 2014

Primary Breakfast

Today was the annual *meet-your-new-Primary-teacher-come-in-your-jammies breakfast*.

Bob-viously, the kids met their teachers on Sunday, but this was the first Saturday in the new year that we could use the chapel! Since this is an annual event and previous Primary presidencies have kept meticulous notes we didn't have to make it up as we went. There was lots of direction on how much to buy, how much was used and what to do after the eating was finished.

Tradition is that the Bishopric cooks the pancake-ree-ous-es for the group. We are so blessed with our new Bishopric. They jumped in just like they were old pros! I suspect that years of Scouting taught them a lot about flippin' flap-jacks.

Brother Hicken, Bishop Bown and Sister Witney

I witnessed one of the sweetest things. All of the children have just moved up a class, but when Sister Hancock came into the cultural hall her *last year's* class mobbed her with hugs and love. They honestly KNEW that they are loved by the Hancocks!

After the children were all served and had mostly finished Bro Hicken motioned for me to come over.

He'd made me my very own Mickey pancakereeous! Yum!

Sister Emily Lewis organized an activity for the kids to do when they were finished eating. She had a coloring sheet for the younger classes and a word search and crossword puzzle for the older kids.

Sister Crook told the children that she had treats for those children who were sitting and finishing their activity sheets.

Have I mentioned how much I love working with these ladies?

I am so grateful to be serving in Primary again! What's not to love when you get to be with darling children like little Jack, who wanted his picture taken?

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leannewitney said...

So cute! I love that you got a pic of each of my kids. Thanks for all that you and the presidency do for the children... We love you all lots!