Feb 7, 2014

“No lace. No lace, Mrs. Bennett, I beg you!”

Anyone who knows me knows I am a little quirky! One of my quirks is quoting movies/books... it just makes me happy.

While at JoAnn's last night I proclaimed aloud, "No lace, Mrs. Bennet! No lace!" Luckily Stephanie is used to me enough that she didn't even bat an eye. Finally I said, "Do you know that quote?" Her reply, "Something Jane Austen?"

 photo 38-veil_zps73066709.jpg

And those naughties at Orem JoAnn's truly had NO LACE! Nor any matte bridal tulle! Are you kidding me? The perk is that I drove to Spanish, got the tulle and could measure an exact amount for the LACE! (5 yards)

Today Grampy and I drove up to Draper JoAnn's to find the lace for Mrs Bennett Lewis' veil, who has her bridals on Monday.

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