Feb 7, 2014

“No lace. No lace, Mrs. Bennett, I beg you!”

Anyone who knows me knows I am a little quirky! One of my quirks is quoting movies/books... it just makes me happy.

While at JoAnn's last night I proclaimed aloud, "No lace, Mrs. Bennet! No lace!" Luckily Stephanie is used to me enough that she didn't even bat an eye. Finally I said, "Do you know that quote?" Her reply, "Something Jane Austen?"

And those naughties at Orem JoAnn's truly had NO LACE! Nor any matte bridal tulle! Are you kidding me? The perk is that I drove to Spanish, got the tulle and could measure an exact amount for the LACE! (5 yards)

Today Grampy and I drove up to Draper JoAnn's to find the lace for Mrs Bennett Lewis' veil, who has her bridals on Monday.

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