Mar 15, 2014

Old Towel Gets New Life

You all know that I am a sap, a romantic, a head-in-the-clouds-kinda-girl, but I can't help it when I see things that make me happy, when I see history repeat itself.

About 28 years ago, when Camille was just a six-month old baby, my dear friend, Auntie P, gave me several pieces of terry cloth. I immediately fashioned a hooded bath towel from a wonderful 60s era floral print. (I'm pretty sure this was a find of Edna's at DI) Camille used that happy little towel for many years before she outgrew it.

At some point I put it in the basket of pool towels that lived outside the back door. And when we moved to Utah, hence no pool, it went to live in my rag-towel basket under the bathroom counter. Which is were I found it when baby-Fiona arrived. I KNEW she would need her Mama's cute little hooded bath towel.

Recently, while on Grammie-duties, baby-Fi had a blow out and needed a bath (oh no, poor Grammie!) so I got to do my favorite thing... give baby a sink bath. I did a quick pre-bath search and found this old-friend, happy to be needed again (just like Grammie!)

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NanaSue said...

Wonderful memories! I love the fabric.