Apr 17, 2014

MY *Awkward Family Photo*

I have to make a disclaimer at the beginning of this post... of all the sewing I did for my kids (and it was tons) this is the only epic awkward fail!

I got the great idea to make matching outfits for the kids and I for Easter 1993. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but the fabric choice... yeah, within a few weeks I began to question it.

And after I saw this photo I think the whole kit and caboodle went to Goodwill!

This is the days before digital... so I have a series of shots taken that are similar to this. I would set the timer, run to get into the photo and then try to look all cool and collected. Fortunately one of the kids 'fessed up that they'd been goofing off in the photos so I did get ONE group shot where we all looked normal... even if our cloths were...erm... interesting!

But look at my darling children! They never complained.

Spencer, 9.

Camille, 7 1/2.

Stuart, 7 1/2.

These photos have produced a lot of laughter in the last 21 years. Now I think I am brave enough to show them to the world...

I just have one thing to say... be kind!

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