Apr 7, 2014

Stuart and Stephanie's Wedding Day

It was a wonderfully busy, happily-stressful, joy-filled, tearful, exhausting week and today I'm somewhat rested, dried out and ready to blog.

On 4.4.14 Stuart and Stephanie were married in the Salt Lake City Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for time and all eternity. And, in case you've ever wondered, this is what joy looks like!

We were so fortunate to have all of our family here for this wonderful day! (Even though we are missing Kevin, Ryan and their families from this pix... sad face)

I can't even begin to express what it was like to sit in the sealing room of the Salt Lake Temple with many of our posterity. I think that it must be close to heaven!

Stuart specifically told me he didn't want me behind the camera so I obediently turned over my camera (after a few shots) to one of Stuart's friends and will wait for the wonderful photos from Brittany Cascio. She does such beautiful work.

I don't know what was being said here but I love the happy smiles of these wonderful people who are my children! How did I get so blessed?

I love these happy sisters (and Stu too)!

Speaking of... I couldn't have asked for a better close up of my Stuey.

And with my family you know we love to have fun...

This reminds me of a similar photo from Camille's wedding.

I love that they did this pose... it is my favorite...

And why not for little-Joanie too?

Oh, and these big boys? When did they get so grown up? Mama has on 4" heels!

This favorite hails back to a day at the beach almost 28 years ago. It's caption is, *Strong like booll*

And my precious babies... *all growed up*!

And these ladies? We've been BFF for almost 30 years. They've been with me through many ups and a few downs. I am so blessed to have women like this in my life. We've all realized how rare and precious our friendship is! It is one that is not oft repeated!! Kristi commented how wonderful it is that they come to help me with these weddings.

Little dressed-alike cousins.

And this... Rebekah meets her little Fiona-niece! What a blessing family is.

The only sad thing about these photos is that since I'm not the one taking them there are so many that are missing... but those memories will live in my heart just the same.

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