May 24, 2014

Quail Adventures

It was a *beautiful-work-in-the-yard* day today. I started early with a trip to the green waste dump to get a load of compost. It is so wonderful and black and compost-y!

I bought a bunch of plants yesterday at Home Depot to fill in some blank spots in my yard. I started in the front; planting a big hydrangea and installing my new self-winding hose reel. As I came around into the backyard I saw movement...

It was a quail family: Mama, Daddy and a bunch of little babies were crossing the back lawn and went into hiding under the currant bushes. I struggled to get my iPhone out of my pocket to get some photos. Those little babies move FAST!!! I have several of photos of rocks as they darted along the breach filled with rocks between the garden shed and the raised garden area. I didn't want to unduly upset them, but I NEEDED SOME PHOTOS! So I stood back by the edge of the shed and just kept clicking photos.

Daddy immediately flew away, I'm sure it was a diversionary tactic but I couldn't help but see that it left Mama in crisis with about a dozen babies! She was talking to them the whole time...

"All right babies, be brave and follow me!"

 photo 24-followme_zps0c2e9fba.jpg

"Stay right along the fence..."

come on! photo 24-comeon_zpsdf0b121c.jpg

"Be quick now! Come under this nice plant..."

hurry photo 24-hurry_zpse64b7533.jpg

And, my favorite, "Come my babies. Let me gather you under my wings!"

gather her chicks photo 24-gatherherchicks_zpsa995003d.jpg

I love how fluffed out she is. I couldn't see any babies under her. What a good Mama!

O ye people... how oft have I gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and have nourished you. (3Nephi 10:4)

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Pauline said...

Joanie, you have such a wonderful talent with photography and words that make those photos come to life. Thanks for letting us see this beautiful world through your eyes.