Jun 13, 2014


One of the best things in my life is being a Grammie! I was talking to Gordon the other day and mentioned how much I enjoyed being a mom... that, without a doubt, was my favorite! I loved (love) being a mom. But we all know that being a mom (and not JUST a mom) requires work, work and more work to go along with the joy. That is not a complaint... just a statement of fact.

Ahhhh, but being a Grammie? Yup, that is heaven. It is the extra blessing! I like to say, "I am no longer the Mommie-enforcer, I am the Grammie-spoiler!" And can I just say that I am loving this phase of my life!

I got to see two of my little darlings (that live much too far away). Oh, how I love these babies! My sweet Deborah took some sneaky pictures of me with Baby Belle.

This little girl is so squishable! I could just nuzzle and kiss those cheeks all the day!

And Riley... I wanted to say *little-Riley* but this big boy is 7 now! Where does the time go? We had a fun dip in the pool together. I tried to teach him the steamboat kick that I learned so many years ago but he was more interested in playing with the other kids in the pool!

(Parenthetically, I'm often reminded that Riley and I have the same age difference, 55 years, as my DADDY and I have. And I am reminded that I am grateful that I am in the grammie, not the mommie, roll!)

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Mom and Dad said...

Love you loving your babies, Joanie!!