Jan 5, 2015

Poor Babies

You know that I have a love/hate relationship with the local deer. I love that they are right here in my yard and that we share a neighborhood BUT I hate that they vandalize my garden.

That being said, I can't help but feel sorry for them in the winter time. I know that the whole Bambi thing comes back to me when he says, "But I'm so hungry Mother!" I've never been hungry other than by choice! And the thought of any creature staving just breaks my heart.

I was sitting here in my perch-up-on-top (aka my office) when I caught some movement through the partially closed blinds. On closer inspection I saw that it was our neighborhood Mama and her twins. I've watched this little family all year. (On a side note, Bekah has a similar trio at her house and they literally sleep right outside their master bedroom window and have eaten her yard to bits!)

They were scavenging on the berries dropped by the *fat-flappers* that also share my neighborhood!

Now, help me understand how this works... there is this whole flock of robins that DO NOT fly south for the winter. They just stay here in their plentiful neighborhood all year long. Besides many trees that keep their summer fruit on the tree through the winter, nature's bird feeders, there are plenty of folks that have out regular bird feeders. As you can see they are not hurting for food-supply! But the deer? Well, they don't have wings yet so they only get the droppings or what they can reach from the ground.

This little deer-family stayed for quite a while and let me get some sneaky photos through the blinds (NEVER pull the blinds up!). Finally Mama ambled across the street to see what they were serving up over there today. And this little slow baby finally followed.

I have to tell you that I felt so bad for them that I dug out some of the ancient, sprouting carrots from my vegetable drawer in the fridge and horked them out under their feeder tree. Poor babies...

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