May 29, 2016

The Amazing Gordo

My husband's nickname isn't the Amazing Gordo for not'in'!!

Several years ago we were introduced to Zipfizz at Sam's Club. Initially I was pleased with this *slow* energy drink and found that it made a wonderful replacement for soda (NO sugar or aspertame)...

But the security sealed wrap has proven to be a long-lasting problem. I've been known to stop strangers and ask for help in opening said seal! Without a sharp implement I can't open one of these vials.

At home I have a handy-dandy paring knife that lives in the drawer nearest the pantry for this very purpose. When I travel I take that knife with me.

A couple of weeks ago the Amazing Gordo thought about using a bottle opener. First he'd cut the wrapper and then use the opener. But yesterday, for some reason, he just tried the opener right from the start. It opened the vial like magic!!

Who knew??

So now I need to share my favorite Zipfizz story with you...

We all know that I suffer from dyslexia and, happily, a little bit of caffeine makes all of those random thought processes calm down and let me function a little more like a normal person (not that I've ever claimed to be normal!)

Three years ago I taught a VERY challenging class of 15-16 year-olds in Sunday school... I really had to be on my A-game. Luckily I had several who were wonderful, helpful, reverent, bright, strong, and spiritual. On this particular Sunday Witney came into class early as I was pouring Zipfizz into my bottle of water as I set up the class room.

Witney- What is that Sister Lewis?

Me- Zipfizz.

Witney- Doesn't it have caffeine in it?

Me- I certainly hope so Witney!

Oh, I love that wonderful girl. Who, by the way, gave her missionary farewell talk today. She is headed to Nashville Tennessee, Spanish speaking. She said, "I'll come back saying "Bienvenidos, y'all!!"

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