Jan 1, 2017

Out With the Old...

In every calling in our church you know that it isn't a life-time position (except Apostle, and I don't have to worry about that!) So you know, going in, that you will likely only be in that calling 3 years, then it is time for change.

That change came today. We were released as a Primary presidency. I love these good, dear women that I've been able to serve with. I LOVE the children!

I've spent most of my adult life serving in the Primary AND I LOVE IT!

Last time I served in a Primary presidency, at least 15 years ago, I didn't see the release coming and burst into tears! I spent several years in Young Women's, then we moved here and I had a chance to learn that Relief Society is a safe place- with sisters who love me rather than judge me. It was a wonderful change.


These children have been particularly dear to me. They are outstanding. I told them today that the are absolutely the best Primary I've every had. I told them to expect me to still want to give them loves when I see them.


The most wonderful thing with this group is I tell them what my expectations are, I tell them I KNOW they can do it and they never let me down!

I know that the new Presidency will be fantastic! They are all power-house women.

But I suspect that several times in the coming months I will sneak into the back and just be with these children I love.


Pauline said...

Without a doubt you have left your mark on their hearts that will never go away. What a blessing you are to all you serve.

Love you my seester, Pauline

dianecrook@gmail.com said...

You totally left your mark and shared your love with these kids and they know it. It was a great opportunity to serve these cute kids and to serve together in the presidency my friend. ����❤����

Tawna said...

I never realized I could love 50+ children like they were my own! It was so wonderful to serve together!!