Feb 6, 2015

Liam Jude Anthony

 photo 6- liam cherub_zpsfzsz6ymf.jpg

Somebody Some-baby was in a hurry to get here! Apparently he can't read Mommy's calendar yet to see that his birthday was scheduled for February 3rd!

In the wee hours of February 1st he started getting very impatient to GET OUT! NOW!!

Mr Some-baby persisted all the day long (yes, even during the Superbowl!) until the nice doctors said they would let him out.

This little, erm, not-so-little man made his appearance at 10:20pm, 2.1.15. He weighed in at a hefty 9 pounds 6 ounces and was 21.5" tall.

 photo 6- liam brand-new_zpswxfpri9m.jpg

Since Master Liam was born late at night the rest of the family played tag-team with not-so-big sister, Miss Bitty, it wasn't until the next day that Grammie and Grampy really got a good look at this wonderful newest boy! (And you know what? Even though Liam is #27 he is still just as special to this Grammie's heart as all the rest. See how that works... love just multiples exponentially.)

No one under 14 is allowed to interact with the newborns so that made for more tag-teaming. The next day Grammie and Grampy went in to visit with Liam while Mommy and Daddy visited with Fiona in the lobby. But you won't get any complaints from us...

 photo 6- liam amp grammie_zps78kapdmb.jpg

We got to have a wonderful one-on-one visit.

 photo 6- liam amp grampy_zpszrl262ni.jpg

Admiring his sweet little face...

 photo 6- liam hair_zpsq6qdi0bx.jpg

and his beautiful full head of hair.

 photo 6- tiny head_zpswxvo7otf.jpg

So it wasn't until he was 3-days old that Grammie could get a picture of Liam with his parents and adoring big sister.

 photo 6- liams family_zpsjspqxtfg.jpg

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SOnny said...

precious wonderful 1st family picture! Welcome sweet baby Liam and congrats to the whole family.