Feb 17, 2015

At The Park

One of my things I loved to do when my kids were small is go to the park... now I've graduated to grammie-duties at the park. Know what? They are still just a fun!

I got to take these littles to the park THIS-day!

 photo 17- swings_zpstia6urc0.jpg

Roxie was so good sticking with Jude until he felt comfortable on his own. (Well, HE thought he was on his own... Grammie shadowed him pretty closely!)

 photo 17- jude amp roxie_zps7zgrtbjc.jpg

They ran, climbed, slid and played on the swings until they were tired and ready to head home.

 photo 17- littles_zpsmonehzii.jpg

But before we did Jude showed off his skills with a solo run down the big slide... giggling all the way.

 photo 17 jude slide_zpslsarfg4c.jpg

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