Apr 17, 2014

MY *Awkward Family Photo*

I have to make a disclaimer at the beginning of this post... of all the sewing I did for my kids (and it was tons) this is the only epic awkward fail!

I got the great idea to make matching outfits for the kids and I for Easter 1993. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but the fabric choice... yeah, within a few weeks I began to question it.

And after I saw this photo I think the whole kit and caboodle went to Goodwill!

This is the days before digital... so I have a series of shots taken that are similar to this. I would set the timer, run to get into the photo and then try to look all cool and collected. Fortunately one of the kids 'fessed up that they'd been goofing off in the photos so I did get ONE group shot where we all looked normal... even if our cloths were...erm... interesting!

1993-4-11 Awkward Family Photo photo 1993-4-11awkwardfamilyphotos1_zps29813a9f.jpg

But look at my darling children! They never complained.

Spencer, 9.

1993-4-11 Spencer photo 1993-4-11Spencer_zps9063c5ef.jpg

Camille, 7 1/2.

1993-4-11 Camille photo 1993-4-11Camille_zpsba90e88e.jpg

Stuart, 7 1/2.

1993-4-11 Stuart photo 1994-4-11_zpsc8204860.jpg

These photos have produced a lot of laughter in the last 21 years. Now I think I am brave enough to show them to the world...

I just have one thing to say... be kind!

Apr 7, 2014

Stuart and Stephanie's Wedding Day

It was a wonderfully busy, happily-stressful, joy-filled, tearful, exhausting week and today I'm somewhat rested, dried out and ready to blog.

On 4.4.14 Stuart and Stephanie were married in the Salt Lake City Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for time and all eternity. And, in case you've ever wondered, this is what joy looks like!

the look of happy photo 4-SampSsmile_zps1e0f46cd.jpg

We were so fortunate to have all of our family here for this wonderful day! (Even though we are missing Kevin, Ryan and their families from this pix... sad face)

wedding family photo 4-weddingfamily_zps02cbc078.jpg

I can't even begin to express what it was like to sit in the sealing room of the Salt Lake Temple with many of our posterity. I think that it must be close to heaven!

Stuart specifically told me he didn't want me behind the camera so I obediently turned over my camera (after a few shots) to one of Stuart's friends and will wait for the wonderful photos from Brittany Cascio. She does such beautiful work.

 photo 4-templelean_zps356fa61a.jpg

I don't know what was being said here but I love the happy smiles of these wonderful people who are my children! How did I get so blessed?

stuart and his sibs photo 4-stuandsibs_zps46229747.jpg

I love these happy sisters (and Stu too)!

stu, kristi, bekah, camille photo 4-stukrisitbekahcamille_zpsfa071611.jpg

Speaking of... I couldn't have asked for a better close up of my Stuey.

my stuey photo 4-mystuey_zpsc94cb151.jpg

And with my family you know we love to have fun...

stephanie bend photo 4-stephbend_zpsa99856db.jpg

This reminds me of a similar photo from Camille's wedding.

stuart bend photo 4-stubend_zps41019611.jpg

I love that they did this pose... it is my favorite...

stephanie plank photo 4-stephside_zps5e6bee0e.jpg

And why not for little-Joanie too?

grammie photo 4-joanieside_zps9c941649.jpg
Oh, and these big boys? When did they get so grown up? Mama has on 4" heels!

bek and her boys photo 4-bekandherboys_zpsfd55bc0c.jpg

This favorite hails back to a day at the beach almost 28 years ago. It's caption is, *Strong like booll*

strong like *booll* photo 4-stronglikebull_zpsca50bb01.jpg

And my precious babies... *all growed up*!

my babies photo 4-mybabies_zps0f3fd9bc.jpg

And these ladies? We've been BFF for almost 30 years. They've been with me through many ups and a few downs. I am so blessed to have women like this in my life. We've all realized how rare and precious our friendship is! It is one that is not oft repeated!! Kristi commented how wonderful it is that they come to help me with these weddings.

joanie holly auntie p photo 4-joaniehollypauline_zpsdcd8dd96.jpg

Little dressed-alike cousins.

 photo 4-sistersandcousins_zps4ec54d69.jpg

And this... Rebekah meets her little Fiona-niece! What a blessing family is.

bek and fiona photo 4-bekandfiona_zps9973a85a.jpg

The only sad thing about these photos is that since I'm not the one taking them there are so many that are missing... but those memories will live in my heart just the same.

Apr 2, 2014

Joy in the Journey

We've had a very mild winter this year. We bought 4 new bags of ice-melt back at the beginning of the winter that are all still languishing in the garage!

And because of this mildness our apricot tree is popping out. (photos taken on 3/28)

popcorn popping photo 87-popcornpopping_zpse4f68c57.jpg

Most of these last 10 springs these early bloomers come out; then...

apricot blossoms photo 87-apricottree_zps3f317888.jpg


snow on stairs photo 92-snowonstairs_zps51bef3ef.jpg

But you know what? I decided several week ago to enjoy the beauty of my apricot tree, even if I don't get a crop. I'm very thankful. What you see here... it isn't just snow! No! It is the result of much fasting and prayer. (I blogged about this special fast back in February.)

snow on apricot tree photo 92-apricottree_zps1f95802f.jpg

So we just aren't fussed... we may not have apricots this summer but we will have that much needed water. I'm so grateful for this glorious blessing.

Mar 22, 2014

The Joy of Photos

I've said this before but my memory works like photographs; I have a whole library of mental images. I think that is one of the reasons I love photographs so much. They freeze a moment in time and when I look at them all of the emotions from that moment come back to me with clarity.

After finishing the 8 bridesmaid dresses the next item on my To-Do list was to scan photos of Stuart for a video presentation to be shown at the groom's dinner (aka rehearsal dinner) and the reception. I leafed through 21 years of photos and pulled out the ones I liked the best; the ones that captured Stuart for me.

Not many days later Stuart informed me that he looked goofy in all of the photos (and that's MY fault?) He looked through 15 years of photos, marked ones he wanted me to add to or replace. I sent them off to Liz and told her she would have to get with Stuart to pick the ones that don't look goofy!

This whole *search and scan exercise* got me infected with photo-phever again! I want to be able to share these wonderful memories with my kids... you know, the ones who made these wonderful memories.

Working in no particular order I started in 1993 and decided to scan every page and label them chronologically so they will *read* like the paper photo album. (I have about 6 years scanned)

It didn't take long before this photo jumped of the page at me! Look at these beautiful girls! Rebekah and Megan were room-mates at BYU before Rebekah got married. So when Megan and Erik got married two years later I captured these two friends, and now sisters. I just want to cry with love for these two beautiful girls who have matured into wonderful mothers and women.

Rebekah with Megan on her wedding day 8-94 photo 81-RebekahandMeganonherweddingday8-23-94_zps56d87502.jpg

Another of my favorites is this one of Rebekah and Spencer. Rebekah is wearing a cute little jumper I made for her to wear in the ward road show. Spencer is just 2 months old; the same age his little Annabelle!

Rebekah and Spencer 3-84 photo 81-1984-3-18RebekahampSpencer_zps61c49421.jpg

And here are Camille and Stuart when they were only 7 months old... just about the age of little Fiona. How is this happening to me? This fast forward of 30 years?

sweet babies 5-86 photo 81-CamilleandStuart1986-5_zpsc056e942.jpg

OK... and then there's this one of my babies with mustaches...


He said they liked it. What really happened was he liked to vex the mama because they wouldn't wash off! Can you see how unbelievable cute these babies are?

permanant ink mustaches 4-87 photo 81-1987-4SpencerCamilleampStuartwithpermanentinkDaddymustaches_zps910f50b3.jpg

And my beautiful Rebekah again. She is 13.5. When I was that age I looked like a boy (Stuart, in fact, and whereas it looked good on him at 13.5, it didn't work so well for me!)

Beautiful Rebekah 87-4 photo 81-1987-5BeautifulRebekah13_zpsc9148a8a.jpg

No list of favorite photos would be complete without this one! These precious little children! What a joy! We have two more re-enactments of this photo. Camille just commented that we need to do that again. Wouldn't that be fun with them and their spouses and kids?

Spencer Camille Stuart at Disneyland 8-89 photo 81-1989-8SCSatdisneyland_zps86d61bec.jpg

And here is that same cute group... 1st day of school 1995. Spencer is starting 6th grade and Camille and Stuart are starting 5th grade. Such happy siblings.

first day of school 7-95 photo 81-firstdayofschool1995-7-26_zpsfb095af0.jpg

I'm so grateful for all of these happy photo and memories! What a blessed life I have!

Mar 15, 2014

Old Towel Gets New Life

You all know that I am a sap, a romantic, a head-in-the-clouds-kinda-girl, but I can't help it when I see things that make me happy, when I see history repeat itself.

About 28 years ago, when Camille was just a six-month old baby, my dear friend, Auntie P, gave me several pieces of terry cloth. I immediately fashioned a hooded bath towel from a wonderful 60s era floral print. (I'm pretty sure this was a find of Edna's at DI) Camille used that happy little towel for many years before she outgrew it.

At some point I put it in the basket of pool towels that lived outside the back door. And when we moved to Utah, hence, not pool, it went to live in my rag-towel basket under the bathroom counter. Which is were I found it when baby-Fiona arrived. I KNEW she would need her Mama's cute little hooded bath towel.

Fiona toga towel photo 15-fitogatowel_zpsebf27f11.jpg

Recently, while on Grammie-duties, baby-Fi had a blow out and needed a bath (oh no, poor Grammie!) so I got to do my favorite thing... give baby a sink bath. I did a quick pre-bath search and found this old-friend, happy to be needed again (just like Grammie!)

Mar 11, 2014


Years ago a dear friend had to go back to work, part of the *deal* was that the rest of the family would help out with the chores she normally did, because she really can't do it all!

Her husband accepted the job of doing the laundry. All went well for the first couple of weeks. He stayed on top of his chore. Week three he says, "Can you just move the clothes from the washer to the dryer for me?" (You can see where this is headed). Each week he would ask her to *help him out* with just one more *small part* of the laundry.

Finally she says, "Why am I doing most of the laundry again?"

To which he responded-

"Because I just don't get the same fulfillment out of doing the laundry as you do!"

Gordon has long queried, "How would you like to be the poor schmuck who said that?"

new washer dryer photo 70-washerdryer_zpsc9947032.jpg

We just had to get a new washer and dryer... and you know what? It really HAS up the fulfillment factor for me! This is my very first front loader. I'm already reveling in the increased Downey smell on my towels that I always find at Rebekah's house!

And, don't you know, that an new white washer and dryer (replacing an old white washer and dryer) calls for a paint color change!! Camille tells me that I *did a Desi!*

bathroom redo photo 70-bathroomredo_zpsa160f21e.jpg

When Stuart and I finished this downstairs bathroom just after he got home from his mission I painted the walls yellow (don't ask me why!) and it had brown and cream towels. Blah...

Every time I go visit my sister, Sue, and see her beautiful ocean themed bathroom I feel so happy and peaceful. So that was the look I was going for... sand, surf and sky! I told Gordon that it feels so nice in there I almost want to put a blow-up bed in there and have a kip!

Feb 18, 2014

Play-Date with Harley

This morning Fiona's daddy had a doctors appointment so I went early to watch her. And since silly-Grammie forgot her phone at home we came back to my house today.

Fiona fell asleep on the ride and somehow I managed to sneak in the house without Harley noticing that HIS baby was here! You should have heard the racket he made as soon as she stated making *I'm awake* sounds.

He certainly loves his babies! The hardest thing for him is *NO LICKING*! I gathered some *Grammie-toys* (read- Grammie didn't look carefully enough in the diaper bag for the toys so we improvised!) so Fiona could play in my sewing room. Harley was right there to keep her company.

harley and fiona photo 49-HarleyandFiona_zps47fe8fe0.jpg

Fiona loves Harley's soft fur.

puppy love photo 49-puppylove_zps8ac7a85c.jpg

OK... this cracks me up. This busy little girl doesn't want to lay down. She will hold up her head and feet. Gramma Lewis would call this exercise!

exersize photo 49-exersize_zpsc4d29cd0.jpg

But this was the funniest of the Grammie-toys; my silicone pastry brush. She didn't like the way it felt in her mouth and would make a little shivering-gag each time she put it in. After twice (hey, I had to get the photo!) Grammie took it away!

pastry brush- ick photo 49-pastrybrush-ick_zpsc187c086.jpg

We even took a little walkie: Grammie, Fiona and Harley. I love this happy view.

walkie photo 49-walkie_zpsd49488cf.jpg

Feb 17, 2014

Shrunken Apples

This phenomenon frequent puzzles me!
  • Why do these apples stay on the tree through the winter?
  • Why don't the birds eat them?
  • What happens to them when the new blossoms pop out? (I never see them on the ground)

shrunken apples photo 48-shrunkenapples_zpsf6cee47b.jpg

By this time of year they've got to be pretty *ripe*, if you know what I mean.

Feb 15, 2014

Olympic Cutting

I moved my small tv into my sewing room, something I frequently do with a large project (Annabelle's quilt took all 8 Harry Potter movies plus!) my goal this week was to get most of the dresses cut out... WHILE IMWATCHED THE OLYMPICS. 

I still have two more to cut out but it's time to call it a day. 

Feb 13, 2014

Sweet Hour of Prayer

Three years ago we got new carpet. It has worn quite well considering we have a dirty-little-dustmop-dog at our house.

We have the usual *wear* spots at the top and bottom of the stairs (no carpet on my stairs) but the wear spot that amuses me the most is right beside my bed.

I've always been a prayerful person. Over the years my prayers have matured from *if this isn't right, let something happen* to *what should I do* to *help me accept thy will* to *I am so grateful for thy love, guidance and healing*.

prayer rug photo 44-prayerrug_zpsc5b4bd03.jpg

So when I noticed this last summer, and again today when I was vacuuming, it made me happy to find a spot in my *new* carpet that is worn and matted from my Sweet Hour of Prayer.