Sep 17, 2011

Jessica's Poppy

Several years ago I was at Jessica's house and saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL poppies ever! They were tall, huge and PINK! I knew I needed some of those.

jessica's poppy

Funny thing about poppies, they come with their own little pepper-shaker-seed-dispenser! So Jess kindly gave me a couple. I brought them home, put them in my kitchen drawer and then forgot about the until this spring.

poppy seed pod

Mine aren't tall, their stems are all disfigured like an osteoarthritic old woman but when you look at their happy little faces you see that they are trying to gladden just one corner of my garden. Maybe next year I need to find a sunnier place for these beautiful flowers.

1 comment:

Anke said...

I just love those funny looking little things! Adorable and I love what you did to the poppy photo above!