Sep 13, 2011

Beautiful Camille

I'm working on Camille and Kevin's wedding album presently! I've had lots of fun using some wonderful templates from Simply Sarah. (Sadly, she doesn't have the link active any longer for these.)

But today, TODAY! I decided to try my hand at some new textures from Kim Klassen (my niece, Cindy, turned me on to her blog and fabulous textures!!)   Today is TT (Texture Tuesday) and since I worked like a happy-dog in the yard (my hands DON'T HURT... my back DOESN'T HURT!) I decided I could use a little creative time playing with one of my favorite shots from Camille's wedding.  PLUS- Rita, over at CoffeeShop has out a new action that is fabulous!

Camille bride

What do you think? I just love it. I can see that I have a whole new creative outlet goin' on here!

TEXTURES- kk_dream, kk_autumnBurst (These are free textures when you are signed up for her Texture Lovin' List)

ACTION- CoffeeShop 2 Minute Miracle (Rita is so wonderfully generous as well. You can go to her blog to get the 2 minute miracle and read her tutorial!)


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I love how I can see the word "dream" just faintly in the background. Such perfect placement! Great use of the texture and action.

Anke said...

dang, I wish I had known about her site sooner, those textures are beautiful! Thanks for the link to her site! I have loved Rita's site for a while, love what she does too! Your photo is gorgeous!!!!