Sep 3, 2012

Labor Day

For the last several weeks I've felt fussy every time I look in my pantry. It just wasn't organized!

So this-day, Labor Day, I decided that it was a good time to tackle this mess. Funnily enough one of my cute little neighbors did her Grandma's pantry as well.

I pulled out my MPC because I was too lazy to walk upstairs and get my Rebel... ahh well... I can't be too energetic on a holiday, can I?

The last time I did this type of *take-everything-out-and-wipe-down-the-shelves* cleaning was just after Simba died when all of the neighborhood mice moved in IN MASS! I really needed to do it that time!

I spent all afternoon pulling things out, a shelf at a time, wiping down the happy red-checked shelf liners, throwing away the stuff that was OLD when I moved it here from Palmdale and replacing things in an organized manner.

pantry before and after

Now this is the sad part... I took my *after* photo (again with the MPC); when I uploaded them to my computer to write this post I really can't see that much difference. But I don't feel fussy anymore when I look in there. 

My open spice shelf also needed a once over.


No before and after here... but I'm happy to see all of my sparkly-clean spice bottles.

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Laura H said...

I love an organized shelf. I feel like I lost weight by getting rid of all that old stuff.