Sep 17, 2012


Saturday I did my pre-3rd-Sunday-dinner shop at my neighborhood market, Ream's. I love that I have a neighborhood market, but I love even more that they have the most wonderful produce in the area. My daughter-in-law tells me that she has friends in Orem that drive special to Springville just to shop at Ream's (whereas Springville residents frequently trek to Orem because that is where most of the South Utah Valley shopping is located... one way trip is about 15 miles).

Last year I bought a big bag of onions that lasted me well, almost a year. I just threw out the last of the shriveled and sprouting onions last week. In my shopping I saw that Ream's had their fall harvest onions on sale... so I bought a 25 lb bag. That's a lot of onions!


My sister told me of a great way to store onions. You place them, one at a time, into the leg of old pantyhose and tie a knot between each onion. Onions like to stay cool and dry (Hey, I do too!), and then hang them in the dungeon in a cool place.

onion legs

I picked out all of the big onions to make into onion-legs. It always makes me laugh when I look into the dungeon and see them hanging there. I've been surprised that none of the grandkids even blink at these grotesque legs hanging in there. (Grammie keeps the toys in the dungeon too!)

ol in dungeon

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