Jul 22, 2011

Too Many Cooks

Camille and I drove down to Palmdale on Monday for Andrea’s funeral. It was a beautiful funeral with the necessary mix of tears and laughter, memories and hopes of a glorious resurrection. I’m grateful we could be there.

Later that day after an obligatory Wal-Mart run we came back to Auntie P’s with the making for a fun bbq. Apparently we must have been hungry when we went shopping because we all came back with our idea of a fun dessert. Spencer, Deborah and Riley came over to Auntie P’s to join us.

I’d found some yummy peaches that just begged to be made into a fresh peach tart (you know my favorite tart this summer with fruit d’jour?). The only problem is I decided to plug in the hand mixer before I put in the beaters! This is a somewhat authentic reenactment of the original incident... no Grammie’s were hurt in the process!


Ah, but Sonny... she’d found some ginormous *muush-mallow* and wanted to make s’mores. After roasting burning the marshmallows over the gas range she realized it wasn’t hot enough to melt the chocolate... soooo she microwaved the whole mess! Mess is right!

sonny bite

I think this is the *mush-mallow* that ate Cleveland!

sonny stretch

Camille wanted to try the same thing...

mams bite

(I love Sonny behind her! Bwahahahaha)

mams stretch

It was so nice to have an evening to visit with family...

lewis girls

And be with little Riley again... he is such a sweet boy!


The part I love about family is that when you get together it is like no time has passed. I suppose that is what happens when you’ve known each other for a good portion of your life. Here is Camille and Sonny cheesing it up together... they’ve known each other since Camille was a toddler but now they interact as peers! I love it!

sonny mams

And now today, Thursday, Mams and Mum are motoring it back home to Utah!

mams mun

(Thank you to Auntie P for these wonderful photos... my camera made the trip but hardly came out!)


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Riley is such a super cutie! Can't believe how big he's gotten.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I keep seeing those gigantor marshmallows all over and thinking, "THAT'S a disater waiting to happen!" I like the square flat s'mores ones tho, a marvel of modern ingenuity.