Jul 30, 2011

We Heart Tiny Baby Dylan

I love this photo taken of Spencer and Deborah holding tiny Dylan's feet. Their hands suggest a heart centered around their sweet little stillborn son.

dylan's feet

I am so grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope of a glorious resurrection. I'm grateful for eternal families. How could a parent go on without these principle of hope?


rfamilyfun said...

I'm so sorry to hear about their (and your) loss, my heart hurts for you. What a sweet picture, it speaks to me of love and beauty, as well as hope. If there is any thing I can do to help, please let me know.
Love, Lillie

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Again, I am so very very sorry. My thoughts and prayers have been with Spencer and Deborah this week hoping that they will find some peace amidst this overwhelming sadness and grief.

Hugs and love to you all,

Dean and Sheri said...

I am so sorry that this little angel could not stay. These photos are just beautiful and are certainly treasures for you, his mommy and his daddy. As painful as such a loss is (and if anyone knows that pain, it's you, dear friend)what a blessing to have a knowledge of our loving Savior's plan for all of our Father in Heaven's cherished spirits. Just knowing that he knows and has felt our pain is such a priceless source of comfort. His empathy is the sweetest source of love at such a time as this. I love you and will be keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers for some time to come.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Give them my love. That's a terrible thing to have to live through.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joanie, isn't it miraculous that human life develops and exists in such a teeny form?? New babies are so small, and yet they lived in a much smaller body before they were born. Amazing. Amazing.
Yes, I am so glad we have the gospel to help us understand . . . and to help us LIVE!

Love you, honey. Annie