Jul 8, 2011

Old School

My hands are finally healing enough that I can get out and do things! (Boy this has been torture!) Several days this week I've gone up to Miss Camille's new school to help put things in order... and boy-howdy, does that room ever need some order!

For the last four years this room; Room 4, Mrs Maynard's new school home, has been inhabited by a different first-year-teacher! This last teacher; pregnant and moving across the country, literally picked up her purse and walked out of the room. Every single cupboard was stuffed with junk including: thank you notes, bakery cupcake from who-knows-when, old bulletin-board things, etc. So can you guess what Miss Camille has been doing? Yup, lots of cleaning and de-junking.

I felt like I'd stepped back in time as I walked down the hallway! This little school looks like it was built in the 1940s! It looks exactly like the school I went to right down to the cubbies where students hang their coats and signs on the bathroom doors...


The floors are waxed to a deep shine (yeah... and this photo was taken before the custodian stripped and re-waxed the floors today!)


And, AND... there is a vintage wooden teacher's desk and chair plus an equally old chest of drawers! They look like they've been tortured by little hands for the more years than I've been around! Miss Camille got permission to paint them and now they have a new lease on life.

desk & chairs

Before we left yesterday afternoon (after another torrential thunderstorm) we finally got to the point where we had started putting Miss Camille's teaching aides put away in clean and empty cupboards, the desk and chest of drawers newly lined and re-assembled, and the first bulletin board fabric up! Yup, it's coming right along.

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Emily said...

She's so lucky to have you to help her! I bet you two have a great time together! I love the new paint job on the chest of drawers and the chair. How fun!!! Glad the permission to do this was granted. What a pain that she had to move all the former teacher's stuff out!! That's just crazy!! How fun to see it all come together...