Feb 11, 2014

And You Mix It...

Fiona just turned 5-months old lasterday. What a fun age. She is coming into her own cute little personality. We had an extended Grammie day today. Yes, I do love this time.

After visiting with Mama, for lunch, and Auntie Desi, for a trim and wax, we headed back to baby-Fi's house. She took a little cat nap and woke up ready for a bottle and some play time.

We had some fun interaction time. First Fiona played in her little exersaucer for a few minutes but that was clear across the kitchen from where Grammie was doing dishes.

I pulled out the bumpo (boy, I love this little seat). It puts Fiona right up with the action. She was so cute trying to grab the dish soap. I'm guessing she wouldn't have thought it was too fun if she could have gotten it to her mouth. Fortunately, she isn't strong enough to do that yet!

I never trust even a bumpo out of arms reach, so when I came time to put dishes away she moved over to the other counter and played mix-it-up with a whip and big bowl. I'm always amazed at how much babies like kitchen gadgets... just like Grammie.

She vocalizes, blows raspberries and jabbers *mama*. She understands peek-a-boo and laughs. We play *hootie-owl* (We put our noses right together and hoot. It's a game my sisters used to play with me.)

Since I was gone for two weeks in CA I've really seen the change in her. It has reminded me of Tony at this age. We had just moved back home when Tony was 5 months old. My mom, the original Grammy, just delighted in that darling baby boy.  She was almost my age.

I'm so grateful for the wonderful example my dear Mama set for me on how to be a good Grammie.  She would delight in this new little baby girl... just like me.

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