Feb 4, 2014

Baby Hand

I drove home from CA lasterday so I would be home in time to stay with Fiona today. A Grammie's got to have priorities!

Usually I only have her for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but this day I had her a little longer. I picked her up from her sick Daddy (let him get some rest) about an hour before Mama's lunch time. We went and got gas at Costco, fooled around for a little and then went to have lunch with Mama.

Like most schools it is a policy that all visitors sign in. What do you think?

When I wheeled her out to the hallway to head down the hall I saw this! She's fallen asleep between the parking lot and the front office! Silly baby. She had her hand poked out of one of the small side hole and was holding her carseat canopy.

After lunch we drove on down to Grammie's house... more sleeping. Hungry again and a bottle. I came and sat down in my Happy Room. Little Fiona was so happy she went to sleep again after lots of nice snuggles. Poor little Fiona has been sick too. I'm so grateful that I'm able to be with her and comfort her. (Fiona and her pink snuggle)

And all of the carseating reminded me that I needed to get photos of her carseat canopy. The *spotty-dottie-polka-dottie* fleece is on the inside.

And this fun print is on the outside. I was so pleased to find these happy fabrics last fall when I knew little Fi would need protection from the cold Utah winter

So, do you see Simon-the-cat photo-bombing this?

I'm glad to be back home after my 2-week visit with my CA grandchildren. (I was going to write grandbabies but my Flynn-boys are all *growed up*)

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