Feb 12, 2014

Blind Hem

Ever since I used up my Husqvarna sewing machine several years ago I haven't been happy with my blind hems I've been getting with my Elna. Since I'm staring down the barrel of 8 full skirts I knew I had to figure it out.

I cut and serged several pieces of the fabric I'm using and went to town. Once I'd figured it out I wrote it all down... cuz y'know, I'm not 30 any more! Then the thought occurred to me that a photo or two might help.

I usually use a large needle- a #16 or #18- but this needed a very dainty little #12 needle. I needed to adjust the guide to push the folded part so I only catch a few threads. (I also reduced the width of the zig-zag)

I want to show some the rejects too. This is what happens when I used a large needle and the blind hem stitch was too wide. Yikes! I love the puckered hem!

I got this photo quite by accident... I never want this! See how the guide is riding up over the edge? Nee-Nine! Don't do this!

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