Feb 18, 2014

Play-Date with Harley

This morning Fiona's daddy had a doctors appointment so I went early to watch her. And since silly-Grammie forgot her phone at home we came back to my house today.

Fiona fell asleep on the ride and somehow I managed to sneak in the house without Harley noticing that HIS baby was here! You should have heard the racket he made as soon as she stated making *I'm awake* sounds.

He certainly loves his babies! The hardest thing for him is *NO LICKING*! I gathered some *Grammie-toys* (read- Grammie didn't look carefully enough in the diaper bag for the toys so we improvised!) so Fiona could play in my sewing room. Harley was right there to keep her company.

Fiona loves Harley's soft fur.

OK... this cracks me up. This busy little girl doesn't want to lay down. She will hold up her head and feet. Gramma Lewis would call this exercise!

But this was the funniest of the Grammie-toys; my silicone pastry brush. She didn't like the way it felt in her mouth and would make a little shivering-gag each time she put it in. After twice (hey, I had to get the photo!) Grammie took it away!

We even took a little walkie: Grammie, Fiona and Harley. I love this happy view.

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