Feb 5, 2014

Measuring Up

Even though the fabric for Stephanie's bridesmaid dresses has been in my sewing room for the last 2 weeks... I HAVEN'T! So tonight she had a measurement party at her house to get everyone's measurements. We texted about this last night but tonight I started getting nervous so she kindly invited me over to *just do the dang measuring myself* (my words, not hers!)

I didn't take long for me to realize I really didn't have to be there, but I'm sure glad I went. I got to hear more of the *Stuart and Stephanie* story than I've ever heard before. We are so pleased that Stephanie is going to be part of our family.

One of the measurees was Camille. Fiona tagged along so she could visit with her favorite Auntie NieNie. We decided that SHE should model the reject wedding veils. (Cuz you know that the real veil won't be seen here until after the big day!)

Fiona is at such a cute age. She loves to flirt and smile.

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