Nov 27, 2013

Vivian's Pincushion

If I had to make a guess I would tell you that Vivian Naseath gave me this pincushion as a bridal shower gift 43 years ago. That makes this cute little guy a long-time sewing friend.

I have several pincushions/magnetic pin holders; each with its own special purpose. Call me silly (and I am), I like to segregate my pins and needles. These particular cute, flat-headed pins are just the pip when I want to do applique or foundation piecing.

As I was sticking pins back into the pincushion last night I had a flood of memories about the sweet maker of this old friend.

Vivian and George Naseath were our neighbors and friends my whole growing up in Greenville. They were Stake missionaries and introduced the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my parents shortly before I was born. That is a gift much greater than this simple little memento of love.

When Vivian crocheted this so many years ago she glued the little circles to a piece of cardboard, which has long since disintegrated. Earlier this year I washed the little crochet rings and when I stated this sewing project (an Under the Sea quilt for baby Annabelle, Spencer and Deborah's baby due in January), I found a nice piece of rigid plastic and re-glued the circle. Now it is ready for another 43 years of happy pin holding!

Vivian and Joanie 1953 in Westwood, CA

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Pauline said...

Oh the treasures we have. They are worth more than silver and gold because they hold the memories of love and friendship. Love you. p