Nov 3, 2013

Fiona's Blessing Day

Today was Miss Fiona's blessing day! What a wonderful day! Could a little baby girl be any more precious than her?

fiona charlotte rose photo 3-fionablessing_zpsb73245b1.jpg

Fiona was given a name and blessing by her Daddy with Grandpa Maynard, Grampy Lewis, Uncle Stuart and many other friends standing in the circle. What a wonderful privileged to see the Holy Priesthood in action.

daddy, mommy and fiona photo 3-kevincamillefiona_zps2cfb9b59.jpg

Many family members came to share in Fiona's special day.

fiona's family photo 3-fionasblessingday_zps06487960.jpg

According to tradition, Grammie made her the first of her Three White Dresses. Oh, I do love this tradition. One of the ladies in Kevin and Camille's ward told them, "It's all about the dress!" I considered that a lovely compliment!

fiona's dress photo 3-fionablessingdress_zpsb6cfe702.jpg

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