Nov 11, 2013

Good, Deer Friends

Harley and I went on a late afternoon walk to *blow the stink off*. On our was back I decided to cut into our neighborhood since there were horses, kids on skateboards and dogs our on Canyon Rd. As I was passing the Wilding's house I saw 3 deer just across the fence in Heidi's side yard. I stealthily removed my MPC (aka iPhone 5S) from my back pocket and was at the ready to capture some wonderful photos of my GOOD, deer friends (as opposed to the naughty 2-point buck who loves to vandalize my trees).

I love how alert they are; ears pointed forward. Harley is always very quiet and cooperative when we are around deer; which I don't fully understand since he whines for any other animals. I watched as the first adult jumped over the fence. She was quickly followed by this adolescent.

I almost wonder if the last deer is the mama. She is craning her neck to keep me in view.

When she sees that her baby has gone safely she follows.

Can I just say, once again, how much I love where I live?

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Krystie said...

Awe I love seeing deer here, it's getting less because more developments have gone up 😔

Nice pics!