Nov 23, 2013

Don't Judge Me...

Let's start with the fact that I ascribe to the adage,

Housework makes you ugly!

Then we will continue with the fact that the top of my pantry is 97.5" (over 8 feet) tall and I am only 63" tall AND I'm not 30 anymore!

So the top of my pantry doesn't get cleaned too very often. But today was the day! Luckily I have a little canister vacuum with a shoulder strap just made for jobs like this.

When we first moved to our house almost nine years ago I bought some beautiful house plants at Home Depot to go up on top! I quickly realized that I DID NOT want to drag the ladder into the house once a week to water them. So I returned them and got silk plants.

Yup this is the view from the tippy-tippy-top of my ladder. You know the place... it says don't stand on this or you will die!

Since I'm not 30 anymore I would rather be on the firm foundation of my knees *up on top* than balanced on the rung of death!

Gordon fetched and carried all of the things I needed:
  • damp micro fiber cloth (OMSH was it dirty)
  • spray cleaner
  • vacuum
  • hold the ladder
  • is this even?
  • is there still dust on the plants?
  • I don't care if there is still dust on the plants!

Of course, I decided to do the AFTER I'd already swept the floor. Note to self: Next time do the top first and then the floor...

And by the time I was finished I'd had at least 2 hot flashes and my hair had melted flat to my head...

See! Housework makes you ugly!

1 comment:

Breanne Noyes said...

Flat hair or not you'll never be ugly. You are beautiful and talented and amazing.