Nov 2, 2013

My Happy Halloween

In my "Mommie" years I loved Halloween. I made costumes, now saved for years, decorated the house to the 13's (not 9's, remember we're talking Halloween here), and made yummy Halloween treats... 

But as a Grammie much of the joy of the holiday is gone. Sadly, I've even been known to boycott Halloween, I just didn't have the heart.

Then I realized that here, in my wonderful neighborhood, I don't get the "drop off teenagers" I get all the little children that I love.

The whole knock, knock, trick or treat is a difficult time for my social little dog, Harley. He just can't understand why these children haven't come to see him...

So this year I hit on a wonderful idea... it wasn't too cold so I brought my little portable fire pit on to the front porch, started a nice fire, got my candy and iPad and I was set to enjoy the evening.

My immediate pay-back came when Jacob Arbon declared, "it's Grammie Lewis!" (all the Primary kids call me that to differentiate between the old Sister Lewis and sweet, young Sister Lewis).  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the children AND the parents. 

Then my sweet niece said, "Looks so cozy.  It reminds me of something I would pin on my home board on Pinterest.  Very nice!" And you know, she's right.

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