Oct 24, 2013

Cascade Springs

This glorious fall day Gordon and I took a little explore up to Cascade Springs. The first time I remember visiting Cascade Springs was August 1981 with Gordon. Since we've lived here in Utah we've made another couple of visits. I've also been there with my DeLoris. (If you want to read about those trips click on the Cascade Springs tag to the right)

The last time we were here we saw moose! I was hoping to see some today, but no luck.

I love the beauty of this peaceful place.  It feeds me soul to peruse the tranquil trails and wooden walks.

I love the geology of places. As you hike up the trails that encircle Cascade Springs you get here... a large pond that just appears out of no where!

The DNR has a wonderful web page that talks about Cascade Springs.

"At the upper springs area, more than 7 million gallons of water seeps through the ground each day."

Then that 7 million gallons burbles, rushes and sings over the rocks.

As I was headed back I was met by this beauty! This tree just felt magical... I've decided that it is a faerie tree.

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