Feb 24, 2010

055- Come in from the Storm

Today is Temple Day; also a snow/rainy day. When I arrived this morning it was snowing so I grabbed my umbrella from the Beatrix' *boot*. As I trekked my way up the hill I was anxious to get inside where it was warm and dry; I was anxious to get out of the storm.

As I was editing my photo I thought about how, even on a sunny day, going to the Temple is like Coming in from the Storm. What a blessing to be able to go and worship our Savior and leave the cares of the world outside. How comforting to be able to warm our souls and rest our hearts. And when we are finished we are better able to brave the elements, once more, refreshed and rejuvenated.

055- Provo Temple

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Anke said...

oh wow, is that ever a gorgeous shot at the bottom, your photography is really amazing!!!