Feb 28, 2010

059- Tulip Shoots

I saw these tulips shooting up a few days ago but finally got out there today to take a photo. I did my first shoot, uploaded and started editing- "What the chicken? Why are these photos so grainy? Ah, my camera is still set on 1600 ISO from yesterday at the BYU basketball game."

So out I go again, laying on the matted down grass to get up-close-and-personal! "What the chicken? What is on my sock??" (You're not going to believe this!) A deer hair! I'm not kidding. The coolest part is that it is tri-colored... very cool. (BTW they have very kindly trimmed back all my ivy for me this winter since the snow melted!)

ANY-way, this is the start of a very beautiful tulip. It is one of my favorites. She lives right up in the little corner between the house and porch so she is protected. Stay tuned for more photos of this beauty.

059- tulip shoots
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