Feb 22, 2010

053- My Design Wall

Saturday evening I cut out a couple of quilts so this morning they were waiting for me... calling my name.

I love to make scrappy quilts. I've found that my design wall is invaluable to the success of this type of quilt. I'm so lucky to have a room dedicated to my creative habits! I have a portable design wall (READ- a wonderful, soft, fuzzy queen-sized sheet tacked to the wall). I love the ability to deal out the quilt pieces like a deck of card. I get to see the *big picture*. I have a process for stacking up the rows, in pairs, so I can carry the labeled stacks to the sewing machine to chain-piece the rows together.

I've added another step to my design wall process, I take a photo of the quilt on the design wall. Then I look at it on the camera's display, it's kind of like squinting at the quilt... I can see if I have a good distribution of colors and color values.

053- design wall
FONT- Albemarle Swash, ACTION- DPMoms Perfect Workflow, BRUSH- RhonnaFarrer_2ps_SnapShot_Horizontal6, JasonGaylor Valentine, destroyed heraldry 1, 7GrungeBorderBarsBrushSet

Ah, but what happens if I get the stack twisted, in spite of all the careful planning, stacking and labeling? (I wasn't too far into piecing when I saw that the pieces didn't seem to going together the way it looked on the wall. I had too many of the *wrong* fabrics as neighbors.) Well, this-day I put the memory card into my laptop to view the master plan. It would take some adjustments to get back on track.

As I UN-sewed, rotated and re-sewed I thought about how this applies to my life. If I am careful in *planning-my-day* (morning prayer, scripture study, controlling negative thoughts, etc) I have a pretty good chance that I will have a good day.

Ah, but what happens when someone/something *twists my stacks*? Can I take out my memory card, put it into my mental computer and re-view my Master Plan? Can I pick out the wrong stitches, make the needed adjustments and reunite my positive feelings and intentions and meet my goals?

Sounds simple doesn't it?


leannewitney said...

And that, my friend, is what is so beautiful and amazing about the atonement. Thank you for this post.

Beezus said...

Beautifully written...thank you. I needed those words today!


Anonymous said...