Feb 13, 2010

044- Valentine Cook-shees

Nothing says Valentine's Day like cook-shees! (Well, maybe 2 dozen long-stemmed roses, or a box of truffles, or a candlelit dinner or a romantic getaway... sigh!) I just needed to make these tasty cook-shees today. I love any shortbread type of cook-shee and these are the pip because they have raspberry as well!

I got this Linzer cook-shee recipe a couple of years ago. They are a little time consuming, but well worth the effort... especially if you don't go and burn one batch like I did :-(

044- cook-shees
non-burned batch


Anonymous said...

I'll take the cook-shies. they look yummy.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

My famous sugar cookies are all buttery like that too...and crazy soft. But today soft and delicious Black and White cookies are on the menu :)

Mom and Dad said...

Cook-shes, huh? Well, I made some oatmeal ones with whole wheat flour, wheat germ, coconut, raisins and orange peel. Jim shared some at Christmastime,so I got the recipe. The funny thing is, I was talking to Kjirsten [Jim's dau] the other day. She was repeating a conversation with her 12-yr-old son about Grandpa's cookies -- Jim had tried a new combination of ingredients. Kjirsten asked, "How are the cookies?" and Jaaron didn't say too much -- "Old people cookies?" she queried. "Uh-huh," grunted Jaaron. So I make OldPeopleCookshees, compared to yours, but they are good -- if you don't have shortbread/raspberry to compare them with!!