Feb 19, 2010

050- El Niño...

Spanish for *The Niño*!

When we lived So Cal El Niño was a troublesome weather pattern... it means that whatever burned last fall slides down the mountain this winter with all the rain. It also meant we would all pile in the Van and drive all over Palmdale to see what flooded this time!

But here in Utah I find that El Niño translates to mild winter... I can like that! Two winters ago we got our first major snow in November and didn't see the poor dead grass until April! And by then it was riddled with deer-poo trails!

I am enjoying this milder winter but besides that So Utah, where they've been having drought, stands at 153% of their average snowfall.

So here today... one of our rare snow storms this month! Yes, I can definitely like this!

050- el nino
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