Mar 5, 2010

063- Rosehaven Cottage

Oh, my, oh my! I've only taken 330 photos in the last 48 hours! Shall I just post them all today and call it good for the rest of the year?

That, we know, won't happen... I will hoard them and pet them and look at them like I do my fabric! Well, that probably won't happen either. So for today I share with you my niece's wonderful Rosehaven Cottage.

063-rosehaven cottage
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My sister's family lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is always such a happy place to me. My mom was born and raised here as was my granddad before her. My parents met and were married here. We always visited family here when I was growing up. My daddy died here. I lived here for 2 years, this is where Gordon and I met and married. This is where my sweet children, Tony and Amanda, are buried. There is so much of life and living and dying that is all wrapped up in this beautiful area. So much of my heart belongs here.

I will be back with more posts about my wonderful Bay Area visit in future posts. We came searching for spring and we've found it in the verdant hill of the Bay Area. As an aside, Papa and puppy are enjoying winter, complete with 8" of new snow back home in Springville... I think we chose the perfect time to escape to spring.


Dean and Sheri said...

You sure did and I wish I were there with you! Rosehaven Cottage is lovely. Ever since we experienced the Kirtland visitors center I've thought I might like to have a yellow house with a red front door...I love it. I'm looking forward to more photo posts of your trip. Enjoy...

Anke said...

I love that part of the world, it always reminded me of Italy! Can't wait to see more pictures :)