Mar 6, 2010

064- Joanie Explores Rosehaven Gardens

I spent the first night at my niece's house... I could hardly wait to go out for an explore with my camera! I just love Rosehaven gardens; they remind me so much of going to Grama and Granddad's house in Oakland even though Rosehaven is north and east of Oakland.

The first thing I saw peeking in the window was a old carmel colored camellia. But this, THIS is what they look like new, beautiful and covered with raindrops from last night's storm.

064- camellia

I made such a bee-line for the camellia that I walked right past this beautiful tulip, still closed and hiding in the shade.

064- tulips

But in the back garden is one of the happiest of Bay Area treats... a lemon tree. I used to love to go get a fresh lemon off Grama's tree and eat it with salt! (Yeah, and I've eaten off the enamel on my front teeth and they are so super sensitive!)

064- lemon tree

When my great-grandfather immigrated from Ireland he finally found what he was looking for in Oakland with the beautiful, verdant, green hills. Can you just smell the green?

064- verdant hills

And finally, a beautiful spring sky... just for me.

064- spring sky

Oh, I do love the San Francisco Bay Area.


Anke said...

Beautiful photos Joanie, how fun that must have been! I wish there was something a little more exciting around here than to walk around a stupid ballpark all the time :) Love, love it!!!

Heather said...

Most of my family is in the Bay Area - ah, the green makes me feel so peaceful. Oakland IS a beautiful place. At least, most of Oakland anyway. :)