Mar 9, 2010

067- Revisiting the Past

I needed a day, Friday, to just have a few hours alone to visit the cemetery, remember, grieve, contemplate and regroup. Fortunately, my sweet family realized that and allowed me my seclusion.

I feel so blessed that I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life! There I find solace and strength to carry on rather than allow my heart to become rotten or cankered. What a blessing!

067-cankered heart

Sue left me with her truck so I could *do my thing* while she went on errands with Josh. I've been back to Livermore on many occasions since moving in August 1982 but I've never felt so calm and my mind so clear as this visit.

First I went on an explore to drive past and photograph the houses I lived in in my short 2.25 years there. (Do the present occupants wonder why this person is taking photos of their house?)

I spent a year and a half in this little house on Bernal. It served my purposes well and was the first house I'd ever lived in that had more than one bathroom! (Interestingly the cankered tree is directly across the street from this house that I lived in when my children passed away.)

067- bernal

When Gordon and I married I moved a short mile to his house. We lived there for just 9 months before moving to Palmdale. (This is the home of the olive tree and pyracantha bushes.)

067- hageman

I took a plant, a Bridget Heather, to the cemetery to Tony and Amanda's grave. I've never happened to be there before when another funeral was arriving. I had to move the truck down the street to the nearby shopping center and walk back to free up the narrow driveway. I sat and pondered the blessings of comfort I have received over the past 28 1/2 years. The words of an Easter Hymn went through my mind, "He is not here, for He has risen! " What a joy to contemplate that glorious resurrection day!

067- tony & amanda

I am so grateful to know that Tony and Amanda are not here in this lovely little Roselawn Cemetery... what comfort to this mother's soul.

067- cemetery

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Anonymous said...

I read all three of the last posts and they are amazing. Going by the homes you lived in in Livermore reminded me of one of our trips to Calgary. My Uncle John took us by the house we lived in on the north hill. It was painted white and looked so small. I didn't think anyone was home so I had my nose pressed up against the front window and to my surprise...the man that lives there put his nose right on mine. When I explained why I was looking in the window he invited me in and let me look in the back yard. I felt better after looking in the back yard because the garage was still the dark brown that the house was when I lived there. Such happy memories.

You certainly had a wonderful trip. I'm so glad.

love ya, P