Mar 10, 2010

069- Ents and Orcs

This is not the first time I've noticed that Sue has an Ent that lives in her front yard. I just love the toes, legs, arms and fingers of the beautiful Ent-olive.

When I commented to Sue, again, that she has Ents she replied, "Yes, and the Orcs are the gardeners!" (How sad! But we do know that Orcs take great delight in destroying the Ents and other green things!)

069- ents and orcs

The Orc-gardeners seem to be very, well, Orc-like! Anything green and bushy must be trimmed to within an inch of its life or drowned with too much water.

Sue writes;
"When you blog about the Ent trees, be sure and mention that the Orc gardeners in my neighborhood think you prune rosebushes with a weed trimmer. That's the way they trim everything, making sure to cut off all new growth so that the flowering bushes never bloom."

Sad, sad, sad.

1 comment:

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wow. I never noticed that. It is totally Entish. I love it! Makes me wanna say, "Boo-ra-roo!" or something equally ridiculous.