Mar 13, 2010

072- C S Lewis

I'll bet there aren't many people who can honestly say they are related to C S Lewis! But I can!! Shall I introduce you to her? She's pretty tired... she had a busy night!

072- c s lewis

This is Channing Sophia, Sophie for short. She is #17 grandbaby for us. She arrived at 6:34 this morning. She weighed in at 8lb 6oz and is 21 3/4". Can you tell that she comes from our tall family?

Sophie's mama loves the familiar C S Lewis and his writings, as many of us do. What a wonderful memory for little Sophie. He just might be her favorite author too.

We went to meet her this afternoon and deliver her welcome little Sophie quilt.

072- sophie's quilt

I just love the Minkee fabric. It is so soft and comfortable.

072- sophie's quilt close up


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty baby. Just want snuggle up with her. Congrats to the family and hope the mommy is doing great.

Anonymous said...

oh, and love the quilt to.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That quilt just screams Stawberry Shortcake! And my goodness, what a cute baby! I love it when they are all cozy and yawny!