Mar 15, 2010

074- ... Just One More

7:35 pm MDT

THIS is what I love about Daylight Savings Time! Look at the time... look at the light! By the time we hit the Summer Solstice it will be this light at 9:35!

So to what is the...

Just One More
?... (multiple answers here!)
  • beautiful sunset... I can never see to many!
  • reason to stay up too late
  • gorgeous view from my playroom
  • reason why I like living in Utah
  • happy thing about Spring

074- sunset
FONT- Albemarle Swash, ACTION- DPMoms Perfect Workflow, BRUSH- RhonnaFarrer_2ps_SnapShot_Horizontal6, St Patrick Day brushes by OVERLAYS- Viewfinder, DeepSunset

1 comment:

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yes, but I still feel the need to stay up an hour later...which makes 5:30 come at an unholy hour! But I did enjoy the light when leaving the gym tonight!