Mar 16, 2010

075- Porch Sitting

Late this afternoon I went up to friend-Vicki's house to practice some music. She is a marvelously talented musician... you know the kind; it just drips out of her fingers. When she plays the piano it just feeds my soul.

After practicing for the better part of an hour I got ready to leave; we stepped onto her south-facing front porch and into heaven! It was one of those heaven-sent early spring days that almost make you believe it's May 16 not March 16! She has two over-sized rockers that live there and they just begged us to *sit a spell* and visit.

075- porch sitting

Recently Vicki loaned me a couple of books; the topic quickly turned to Same Kind of Different As Me. (Briefly, it is the true story of Denver Moore, a black man from the *wrong side of the tracks* and Ron & Deborah Hall, devote Christians who are inspired to help the homeless. Denver is blessed with the gift of receiving messages through the Spirit that ends up blessing not only Ron & Deborah but other who are seeking the Lord.)

Since Vicki and I have both experienced difficult losses this was a very poignant story to discuss. Why would Denver receive these prompting on behalf of others? I was reminded again how much the Lord loves his children. The Lord is no respecter of persons. If you are obedient He will bless you. If you "earnestly covet the best gifts" He will "shew unto you a more excellent way." (1 Corinthians 12:31) I just love that language earnestly covet!

This scripture (1 Corinthians 12) is the one that I randomly turned to just after Tony and Amanda's death (just a coincidence? I think not!). It filled me with a longing to be blessed with the gift "of discerning of spirits" (verse 10). Over the years, as I have prayed for this gift, and been obedient to the laws and ordinance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have been blessed with that gift. No, I've never seen Tony and Amanda with my physical eyes, but I have felt their spirits come to give me comfort. What a rich and wonderful blessing.

Vicki and I sat for a good long spell; we talked, cried and enjoyed the warmth of the sun (Son). I am so blessed to have a dear friend like Vicki.

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alexfrankie said...

I needed this blog post today. Thank you. I love that scripture and will now put it down as one of my favorites.
I am always looking for a good book will see if my library has it.