Mar 18, 2010

077- Aloe Blossom

This is an aloe plant in bloom. I used to have a small aloe vera plant that grew in a sheltered area just outside my front door in Palmdale. It would bloom a couple of times each year... but this! THIS is an aloe blossom on steroids! It grows just up the street from Rosehaven Cottage in that place called spring!

I am awed by its beautiful color and sheer size!

077- aloe blossom

We all know the healing properties of the aloe plant, particularly with burns; but it is also used for other herbal remedies. It calms and soothes.

Today I sang with my friend, Maureen (with friend, Vicki, accompanying!) at a funeral. I am so grateful that I am able to do this. We sang Abide with Me! I just love the words to this hymn.

I've thought about the healing properties of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the speakers said he'd been in the clutches of grief and felt the comfort of joy this week as they've prepared for his grandmother's funeral. How grateful I am that we have that calm soothing assurance and the hope of a glorious resurrection! How could we go on without it?


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wow! I somehow missed that one! It is amazing. My mom has always had an aloe plant at home and I have never seen a bloom. They are phenomenal!

Shan said...

Mostly Grammie I just haven't told you how much I love you in a long time. So, I love your guts. Let it be written.