Mar 19, 2010

078- Piano Recital

Each year our grandchildren have their spring piano recital. We've been going now for 6 years. (That hardly seems possible!) I've enjoyed watching Ashton and now Ashton and Christian as their skills have improved. It also been interesting to watch the other children who've grown over the years.

Hello, my name is Christian...

078- tian

After Christian played his selection he and Ashton played a duet.

078- tian & ash

Then finally, saving the best for the last, Ashton played Fleur de Lis. She was wonderful.


After the recital little Roxie wanted her turn. What a cutie-girl.

078- rox

We followed them home and I got my Grammie fix with new little baby Sophie. Daddy video taped the recital so Mama could see their wonderful performances. Happy times.

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